Appearance of the virgin at Mar Mina Aggaiby at Minia Kamh 1998 A D

Appearance of the virgin at Mar Mina Aggaiby at Minia Kamh 1998 A D

Some phenomenon happened starting from 27th July 1998 till the Easter 1999. Some strange phenomenon appeared at Mar Mina Aggaiby church at Minia Kamh, in Sharkia governorate. In the beginning, no one considered seriously these physicals and all thought that these naturals physicals happened in the atmosphere till a shiny light appeared (some people described it as a sun) which split the altar from the middle and filled the place.

Witnesses to that phenomenon said that it took one hour. Most of them saw the virgin Mary opening her hands and blessing people whom were too much inside the church and outside specially after the news spread in all countries of Gharbia as same as all governorates

El Watany Nabaa newspaper said in an article which was published on Sunday 28th March 1999 A.D.:( Although the wide yard of the church, it was very crowded with people came from countries to see the appearance for taking the blessing or for miracles which made the place seems narrow. The appearance of a soft light in the dome of the altar above one of the stands met up normal reaction from people there… all people are in a bad need for the spiritual things specially that many of them assured the sight of healing miracles for some visitors during the time of the revelation which persisted till the Easter 1999 A.D.

The church recorded and showed some miracles which happened there for some of its sons whom wrote the miracles with their hand and put them on the notice board. The servants of the church and the youth recorded seven miracles video.

El Keraza magazine announced in one of its numbers which issued on 26nd of March 1999 A.D. that Pop third Shenoda issued a decision NO.18/28 to make a committee to prepare a report about the revelation of the virgin, this committee consisted of pastor Bishoy – the pop of Demiat qnd El Barary and the holy college secretary, the pastor Markos the bishop of the Shoubra El Khema and the area around, the pastor Youanas the general bishop and the secretary of Pop Shenoda.

On Sunday 31st of March 1999 at 5:00 AM the members of the committee went to Zakazik first to meet pastor Yakobous the bishop of Zakakik and Minia Kamh …then t hey went to Minia Kamh where they attended the mass amnd stayed till the evening, then they met the pastor Yakobous and they saw the tape and studied the documents presented by the people whom the miracles happened with them and this is the conclusion of the report:

+ There is nothing like the revelation of the virgin in El Zaton church and Baba Doublo church in Shubra.

+ may be happened before some spiritual revelations like lights but the pastors did not see that.

The miracles belong to the faith of the people and not related with the revelation of the virgin in Minia Kamh.

+ Pastor Yakoboouks forbid the visits of the buses for security reasons and not to make crowd.

+ The pastor canceled all visits completely during the Passion Week for the two saints and concentrated on prayers and worship.