The Apparition of the Virgin Mary at Atrib church in Egypt

The Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the Church of Atreeb in Egypt

During the reign of Harun El-Rasheed, there ruled over Egypt an oppressive governor that gave forth an order that all churches should be demolished. The soldiers who were carrying out the governor's order, arrived at Atreeb. At that place, there was a church bearing the Virgin's name, and full of gold and valuables. When the commander arrived, the priest took him to the Virgin's picture and asked to be given three days, during which, he would have an order from the Khalif (the head of the Arab Muslim Empire) to save the church from being demolished. The commander laughed sarcastically saying that was quite impossible as it took months to reach Baghdad where the Khalif was. Because of the insistence of the priest, the commander unwillingly agreed. The priest undertook to cover the expenses of the commander and his troops and handed him 300 pounds. The priest then hurried to the Virgin's picture and praying fervently, he asked her for help. While the priest was praying, a bright light shone in the seat of the Khalif in Baghdad, and the being ordered the Khalif to write a decree to save the church from being demolished. 

The decree, having been written, was snatched by a bird in its beak, and it flew away with it. A few seconds later, the bird was at Atreeb, and it threw the decree in front of the commander and flew away. The Khalif later on expressed his intention to build a great church to be named after the Virgin hoping that the Virgin will be an aid to him and will help and save him from the evils and intrigues against him. Thus, for the Christians, oppression was greatly reduced, and they lived in peace, thanks to the mediation of the Virgin.