Tut 15

(The Heavens open)

Open to me Your arms Lord and show me the glory of the heavenly so I may forget the earthly 

And pour in me Your mercy and Your salvation because I trusted in You. 

And easy my steps to You so I may follow You carrying the cross leaving every thing behind me.

And save me from all evil in my flight of sojourning because I throw all my worries onto You.    

 And I live with You safely under Your feet and You shelled me with Your wings of love. 

And You fill me from the rock of my salvation and from Your love has filled my hungry and thirst. 

And not to the self but to Your will I behave accordingly till I see You coming in the clouds to take me.

So remember me when I come into Your kingdom because in Your hand I commit my spirit. 

 Let me taste from the sweetness of Your love and fill me with the faith and hope so I may enter the tabernacle. 

 My lord Jesus ChristWhat is being better than falling by Your feet and in Your arms… And following the glory, take me.