Hatour 23

Hatour 23, 1734 - ديسمبر 2, 2017, Saturday (Seeing GOD every moment):

Lord grant me that great blessing as You did to Your saints,
Teach me how to stay awake and pray awaiting Your glory, Your grace and Your light,
أDiminish my  human wisdom so I can see Your temple inside me and enter into the cloud of Your glory,
Teach me how to put all my worries on You so I may forget the earthly and desire the heavenly,
And  become trusted in the little until You trust me on the goodness of Your many blessing,
And I offer my body a sacrifice of love to You, salted by the salt of Your grace by Your Holy Spirit,
And I enter into the cloud of Your glory and Your wonderful fire and I hear Your favorable voice,
And I enter in Your alter where I can see You and be filled from the wine of Your love and I be drunk by Your glory,
My lord Jesus Christ... Rebuke the strangers from my heart and fill me with happiness, gladness and love to You so I may see You face to face Oh You are the desire of my heart.