Tut 29

Tut 29, 1734 - اكتوبر 9, 2017, Monday (The Estrangement)
Look to me oh Lord because I'm a stranger on the earth and passing by like my fathers,
Let your compassion speedily reach me, for I am exceedingly poor. Remember me in your kingdom,
Be with me in the fire and the water till i get out to the comfort,
Walk with me and strengthen me to carry the cross till I see your kingdom,
Lead me with your spirit and release me from the slavery of the corruption and the sin,
Grant me wisdom and strengthen me and give me patience
And fill my thirst from the fountain of your love,
Give me patience, and raise me up for vigil and alert in waiting for your coming,
Grant me to be happy in the hard time and pain until I cross to you,
Save me from the temptation that surrounds me, and rebuke the storms,
Oh the lover of mankind.