Fourth Sunday of Abib

Abib 23, 1733 - يوليو 30, 2017, Fourth Sunday of Abib (the new life).

+today o! Lord please may you grant me grace to start a new life with you, like anew born babe... Now I yearn for the nutrition of the mind. (The milk for my mind).

  • I thank you and confess to the wholeheartedly because you saved myself.
  • Utter a word that I may rise-up from my slumber & start anew with thee.
  • Fill me with love & humbleness o! Lover of mankind.
  • Feed me to the full with the true non- cheated milk of the mind to grow up & taste the sweetness of the lord.
  • Make of me a Holy temple, pure alter where sacrifices of love may be offered always.
  • Set me out of the darkness of the grave unto your amazing light.
  • O! Thou who raised Lazarus from the dead, raise me with your power &set me out of the grave of the I go & of worldly desires & that of the ancient man burking within me. Set me free from all restrictions & bonds that I may lead a new life.

+ My lord Jesus…how beautiful the spiritual childhood is... Forget all worries and thrust myself unto thine bosom being satisfied with thee o! Lover of mankind!!