The Departure of St . John IV, 48th Pope of Alexandria

The Departure of St . John IV, 48th Pope of Alexandria .

On this day also, in the year 792 A .D,, St . John IV, 48th Pope of Alexandria, departed . Hebecame a monk in St . Macarius' monastery . He persevered in intense worship and was reputed forhis ascetic life . He was chosen by Pope Michael, 46th Pope of Alexandria and ordained a priestfor the Church of St . Mina . Pope Michael entrusted him to manage the affairs of the church and tolead the people and direct all its property and offerings . He excelled in his duties .When Anba Mina, 47th Pope of Alexandria, departed, the bishops, the priests, and the scholars ofthe City of Alexandria gathered and nominated several monks . They wrote the name of each ofthem on a piece of paper, and the name of Father John was among them . The bishops prayed andcelebrated the Divine Liturgy for three days . Then, on the third day, they brought a child to drawone of the names . They found it to be the name of this saint, Father John . They returned thepaper, mixed it with the other papers, and brought another child, who drew the same paper . Thiswas repeated a third time . They were sure that the Lord had chosen Fr . John to become the nextpope . They took him and ordained him patriarch in 768 A .D . He shepherded his flock well . Healways preached the people confirming them in the Orthodox faith . He was also merciful to thepoor and the needy .During his days, there was a famine, to the point that one measure of grain (a Bushel) was soldfor two Dinar .

Many poor from different beliefs gathered every day at his door . He delegated tohis disciple Mark to use the money of the churches to feed the poor and satisfy their needs . Heoffered to everyone without distinction of faith until God removed this famine .184Anba John was dedicated to building many churches . When the time of his departure drew near,he called on the priests and said to them, "On the 16th of Tubah, I was born and was alsoordained Pope, and on this day also I will depart from this world ." When the bishops and thepriests heard this, they wept and said, "Who would become our Father after you?" He said tothem, "The Lord Jesus Christ has chosen my disciple Fr . Mark to this rank ."After he had completed 23 years and several months in the papacy, he departed in peace .His prayers be with us and Glory be to our God forever . Amen .