Tut 5

Tut 5, 1732 - September 16, 2015, Wednesday Thursday (Your kingdom come)

I offer my sacrifice .Oh Lord let the light of Your face reflect on me You who grants joy to my heart,

Grant me pure oil... Longing for Your true love to enter with You to the wedding,

Grant me to participate in Your Holy secrets that allow me to enter into the secret of the eternal life.

Grant me the secret of the comforter during the pain and the ascending on the cross that leads to the glory,
Grant me the simple eye that only sees You and Your kingdom,

Grant me peace, joy and true established in You

My Lord Jesus Christ. .. Your are the kingdom, and You are the secret of my life, and You are the eternal life so reveal Yourself to me every moment,  and fill me from fear, longing, and to be enjoyed by Your goods.