The Departure of St . Kyrillos the Second, the 67th Pope of Alexandria

The Departure of St . Kyrillos the Second, the 67th Pope of Alexandria .

On this day also, the twelfth of Baounah, 808 A .M . (June 6th, 1092 A .D .), the great Pope, St .Kyrillos the Second, the 67th Pope of Alexandria, departed . He became a monk in Sawma'et(Cell) of Singar . Because of his knowledge and righteousness, they chose him a Patriarch, asuccessor to St . Christodolus, the 66th Pope . His enthronement was on 22nd of Baramhat, 794A .M . (March 18th, 1078 A .D .) .Some of the bishops disobeyed the Pope and decided to depose him . They assembled a councilfrom forty-seven bishops for this purpose . When the Fatimid governor knew of this dissension, hecalled the bishops to his orchard . He harshly talked to them with words God had put in his mouth .The overseer of the orchard (Yaseeb) sided with those who opposed the Pope . Peter, the pope'sdisciple, reproved him and an exchange of words took place between them while the Pope wascoming out of the meeting . The Pope told the overseer, "If the Governor has authority, Christ hasauthority over the heaven and earth ." The Pope dismounted his horse, and made a matonia beforehim, which was on Saturday the 23rd of Misra, 802 A .M . On the next Saturday, the governorbecame enraged with the overseer of his orchard . He went there and ordered the beheading of theoverseer . That was in the same place where the Pope had made the matonia to him and in thesame hour .The Governor told the dissenting bishops, "You all should be in accordance, and obey yourArchbishop ." Thus, they all were reconciled, and went to the church of St . Marcurius . Theycelebrated the Divine liturgy on Saturday and Sunday and then went to their parishes rejoicing .This Pope remained on the Chair for fourteen years, two month, and thirteen days, then departedin peace .May his prayers be with us . Amen .