The Departure of St . Basilius, Bishop of Jerusalem

The Departure of St . Basilius, Bishop of Jerusalem .

On this day also of the year 1615 A .M . (March 26th ., 1899 A .D .) the great father Anba Basilius, Metropolitan of Jerusalem, departed . This father was born in the village of El-Dabah,Farshout county, the province of Quena, for righteous parents . They nursed him with the milk ofrighteousness since his young age, as they taught him reading and writing, so he grew on lovingperfection and moral excellence .When he was twenty-five years old he went to the monastery of St . Antonios and put on themonastic garb in the year 1559 A .M . He persevered in worshipping and ascetism and because hewas adorned with righteousness and piety they ordained him priest in the year 1565 A .M . andarchpriest (Hegumen) in the year 1568 A .M ., then they appointed him an Abott for the monastery .He managed the monastery well with gentleness, wisdom and meekness that made the blessedAnba Kyrellos IV to ordain him Metropolitan for Jerusalem and the parishes that were attached tohim: El-Kaliobia, El-Sharkia, El-Dakahlia, El-Gharbia, Suez, Domiat, and Port-Said .He had shown prudence in managing the affairs of these parishes that made him the center ofadmiration and pride to the Copts . All his efforts were dedicated for the building of churches allover his parish, buying and renovating properties in Jaffa and Jerusalem . He was loved by all thepeople of Syria and Palestine, regardless of their religion or political persuasion, especially therulers of Jerusalem, for his wise policy and straight morals .During his days a dispute aroused from the Ethiopians where they claimed their ownership for themonastery of El-Sultan in Jerusalem . Because of this father and his vigilance they could not263establish an ownership for the monastery . He attended the enthronement of Pope Demetrius II,the hundred eleventh, and Pope Kyrellos V, the hundred twelfth . He spent his days in continuouseffort for what was good for his people and departed in peace .May his prayers be with us . Amen .